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About us

Introducing Flex Food The core activities of our company are the development and sale of chilled foods and vending machines. Flex Food is dedicated to high-quality products and close partnerships with our customers. Flex Food product lines All of the products we produce are made from high-quality ingredients, keeping the health and needs of the customers our number one priority. We currently have four product lines, so everyone can find the best option for themselves. Our product lines are the following:

  • hungarian pancakes
  • omelettes
  • FitMeal dishes
  • FitMeal desserts

Our company not only sells ready-made meals, but it is also possible to develop products with us. Based on a recipe or even on an idea within the framework of OEM production we offer complete solutions. Our experts are able to assemble and improve the recipe and to produce and improve the product as well.

Among our products, even athletes and health-conscious customers can find the right meals and desserts for their neat diet. Because health-consciousness is also extremely important for our company. Our new FitMeal main dishes and FitMeal desserts are tailor-made to meet the needs of those who follow a carbohydrate-reduced, protein-rich diet. Health-conscousness is also extremely important for our company.

Introducing Tradeflex Tradeflex Ltd. was founded in 1991 as a trading company. For 6 years the company had been distributing products of the Hungarian instrument industry in Western Europe. The management estabilished a new electronic devices plant in 1997. After starting with a staff of 12 personnel, in our factory we are now working with nearly 60 qualified electronic experts.

Our ISO-9001:2001 certification and our multiannual manufacturing expertise means a solid guarantee for the high quality and reliability of our products.

Our company is committed to innovation: we have successfully developed and marketed several new products and product lines in the last few years. Our development processes are continuous: there are more highly innovative projects running in parallel at our company even at the present moment.

Introducing Niflex Niflex Ltd., a sister company of Tradeflex Ltd. was founded in 1997, and its operation and growth has been continuous and uninterrupted ever since. At present, 20 professionals work at the headquarter in Budapest. The company's main profile includes the following activities:

  • manufacturing of components, subassembly and machines cutting
  • sheet metal works
  • welded structures
  • storage, measurement, quality control.
  • Certification of the quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 has been valid for the company since 2005, which guarantees the high quality.
With their ambitious work environment and their top quality work, Niflex professionals always keep the needs of the company's partners their top priority! Since the company's existence, the company has been pursuing long-term strategic partnership with it's customers, within which it is extremely important for the company to establish a good partnership.

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